The collection for SS2015 is based on the vision of an extraordinary scientist of the future. With many interests and passions, versed in all areas of human knowledge. Art-loving and able to cross from one discipline to another with confidence, this brilliant mind is a pioneer of scientific development - a geeky evangelist of a new world whose challenges only he can face. The human civilization depends on his laboratory heroism - his inventions, discoveries and innovations.

Gender identification is not important, what matters to him is one’s personality. His dress is an outward reflection of his character, a means of self-expression. The costumes and head pieces are not used to camouflage but rather to reveal the true identity of its wearer. The typology of the clothes is derived from the fantasy world of comics and science fiction, but also from the everyday reality of laboratory research.

PHOTO Vojtech Veskrna

Photo Team Peter Stigter