I wanted to create a garment that is formal but comfortable and playful at the same time. The inspiration for the collection was workwear and a white coat, which I transformed into LABORATORY SHIRTS. I've always enjoyed "labs" at school - working with microscope and textile testing while wearing a laboratory coat with special pockets for a notebook and a pen. These elaborate details of a special function are used in my shirts and make them variable, ready to be worn in multiple ways. Asymmetric stand-up collar with switching, fastening with patents, numerous straps, switching cuffs and other practical details. I create one piece at a time, so each shirt is a little different. What does not change is the cotton material of high quality, woven and dyed in Bohemia. The dress can be worn unbuttoned like a coat over trousers. The top can be a light jacket and the men's shirt can be worn instead of a jacket. Suitable for various types of characters, body types, regardless of age.

PHOTO + VIDEO Anezka Horova
MUSE Juliana Summerling



PHOTO Ondrej Rychnavský
MUSE Anna, Dominik, Matěj - New Aliens Agency
HAIR & MAKE-UP Vendula Niklová
SHOES Freshlabels
SPACE Studio Hrdinů